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Top 5 myths about vein disease

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Varicose veins are not much complicated medical condition, but due to the myths surrounding it has become the “spooky ailment” that cannot be corrected: 

Myth #1 - Varicose veins and spider veins are harmless: 

It is still said by many that this is just a cosmetic issue and there is nothing to be concerned about. According to them, varicose veins treatment is necessary only to make legs appear beautiful as earlier. Though it can be a case with few, more than often, it is a serious issue and if not treated early or left unattended, can cause swelling, dermatitis, cramping, bleeding, skin thickening, skin discoloration, and even ulcer formation.

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In some incidences, it causes pain, throbbing, itching, and heaviness at a very early stage.

To avoid the conditions underlined consult with the vein doctor near me. 

Myth #2 -  It affects only females: 

It is believed that varicose veins can occur only in people of the 40+ age group, while it is also believed that they occur mostly in women. But the truth is opposed to all this. Even young people can develop this condition due to reasons such as genetics or lifestyle.

The patient's condition can get worse with age if he has not undergone treatment for the same at the right time. Men are affected by varicose veins, though the ratio might be low as compared to women. But, women are at considerate risk of the disorder during pregnancy due to the changes in the hormone levels. That's why pregnant ladies are always advised to exercise and follow a proper diet plan. If you are pregnant or 40+ it would be wise to talk with the vein specialist near me. 

Myth #3. Varicose veins are evident: 

It is not necessary that varicose veins always protrude on the surface of the skin. Sometimes, they may be in the deeper part of the skin due to excessive fat in the body and hence not visible. But, their presence causes symptoms such as aching, swelling, itching, cramping, and even skin darkening. 

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Myth #4. They are totally habit-based: 

People attribute this condition to habits such as running or sitting in a crossed leg position. But, this is not true. Running is a good form of exercise; it improves blood circulation and keeps you in shape. In fact, obesity can cause or aggravate this condition.

However, you can take precautions such as elevating your legs after continuous running for a while. Also, there is no concrete proof on the remark that crossing the legs can cause varicose veins. However, it is confirmed that if you have this hereditary then you are likely to get them, visit the vein clinic near me. 

Myth #5. They are untreatable: 

The fact for which, it is said that varicose veins are incurable is that they can occur again after getting the treatment once. But, with effective and latest treatment methods, they can be simple to deal with in the future on recurrence.

Also, with procedures such as laser treatment, you can recover in a day or two and continue with your regular life. Don’t believe in the rumors and ask the experts in the vein center near me to know the reality.